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Learn How to Fix Exchange Server is Not Receiving External Email?

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: 2021-11-17T12:39:09+00:00| Error | 4 Minutes Reading

Microsoft has proven to be the best services and software provider for data sharing at the organizational level. However, Microsoft Exchange is one of its best applications, which has been developed with several advance features for optimum management of data. Despite its popularity across the world-wide, there some issues that create big trouble for the users. Among all such issues, the most common one is “Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010 is not receiving external email”. It is one of the frequently asked queries by the users. This problem is mainly encountered by the users during installation and configuration of the Exchange Server. After this issue, a user will be able to send and receive emails on the local machine but, Exchange Server will not able to receive emails from the external email ids. Thus, in this post, we are going to discuss the causes of this error and how to fix “Exchange Server is not receiving external email” error.

Root Causes of “Exchange Server is Not Receiving External Email” Error

If a user encountered some errors while working on Exchange Server, then there must be some reason behind it. Thus, in the below section of the post, we have discussed main reasons behind an error when Exchange mailbox receives the external emails.

1. Abnormal and sudden termination of Microsoft Exchange Server
2. Some kind of hardware or software failures can result in this error.
3. Forced Reboot and Restart of the system may generate such errors.

The occurrence of such errors can badly affect the normal functioning of the Exchange Server, thus it is necessary to resolve exchange 2007 unable to receive external email error as soon as possible.

Manual Method Fix ‘Exchange is Not Receiving External Emails’ Error

For an example, a user is using Microsoft Exchange 2013 Server and it displays the same error whenever a new email is received. What exactly happens in such cases is that the users send an email for testing and then, Microsoft Remote Connectivity tool will display some errors in incoming SMTP mails. Now, to verify the issue, a user has to check the status of the Server’s incoming emails with the help of Microsoft’s Remote Connectivity Analyzer. At last, when an Exchange Server receives an external email, it again displays an error. Now, to resolve the issue, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. To begin the process, you need to set the local DNS server in the external DNS lookups
2. Now, you can easily find these settings in the Servers Settings. Here, you can enter the DNS server IP locally for the external DNS lookups
3. Next, you have to restart both the services i.e. MS Exchange transport and Front-end transport service

Another manual trick to fix Exchange Server stopped receiving external email error is that one can do some modifications in the Host file. It might be helpful in fixing this problem. Now, to do the same, open the host file of Microsoft Exchange Server and type the host entries. However, some little modifications in the host file may resolve this error and starts the Exchange external transport service.

If a user is still not able to solve the issue, then needs to check the MSRCA i.e. Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, Exchange Server event viewer, transport logs, and Firewall logs. It might give users some idea of how to resolve “Exchange Server is not receiving external email” error.

Alternative Solution to Resolve Exchange Server’s Errors

The manual solution discussed above is not at all a perfect solution. There are high chances that a user will not able to solve the error using this method. Therefore, in order to have a guaranteed solution, a user is advised to use a third-party tool named as Exchange Recovery Software. It is designed specially to repair corrupt EDB file in a seamless manner. This will let users save mailbox emails from permanent loss. It is a simple and easy-to-use software without any file size limitation. Moreover, a user can easily install the tool on any version of MS Windows OS.


How to fix “Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 is not receiving external emails” is one of the big issue faced by the Exchange Server users. Considering the need of users in mind, we have discussed all major root causes behind this error. Moreover, to fix the Exchange external emails problem, all possible solutions are also discussed. A user can choose between them wisely based on their requirement and fix the error as soon as possible.