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MS Excel to vCard Converter

  • Convert & export multiple contacts from Excel XLS, XLSX, and CSV file to VCF
  • Preview Contact Details in Software panel after Loading File
  • Supports all versions of vCard for Saving Contact Information
  • Create Single vCard for Every Contact or Single VCF for all Contacts
  • Field Mapping Option to Manage Contacts with vCard Fields
  • Excel to vCard Converter supports all versions of Excel File

Import Converted Excel Contacts into

Detailed Feature List of MS Excel to vCard Converter Tool

convert numerous contacts from excel to vcard for mac

Convert Multiple Contacts to vCard

The software for Excel to vCard conversion allows exporting multiple contacts from selected file. At a time, software gives facility to add only file but there is no limitation of number of contacts that can be converted.

how to convert multiple contacts to vcf file from XLS format

Convert XLS to vCard VCF File

Lower editions of MS Excel (till 2003 (version 11.0)) creates & save data in XLS format. If contact information is saved in old versions of Excel, i.e. in XLS file, the software supports its conversion to VCF file format.

import csv file into vcf format

Export CSV to VCF Contacts File

CSV is text file where data is stored in form of plain text and every value is separated with a comma. The software gives facility to convert CSV file to vCard format with assurance of 100 % data integrity maintenance.

run xlsx to vcard converter tool for mac

Convert XLSX File to vCard VCF

Higher editions of MS Excel (from 2007 (version12.0) and onwards) saves data in XLSX file format. The software works with all versions of Excel and converts data from XLSX to vcard Mac, Windows, or Android OS.

check preview of added csv file contacts

Load and Preview Contact Details

Once a file is added into tool for conversion, the software gives a preview of details in a tabular form. Excel to VCF converter shows information in a file with all fields and number of contacts saved in it.

conversion tool for excel to vcard file

Map Contact Fields with vCard

This option in the tool is added to manage the contacts in vCard file. The fields in XLS, XLSX, or CSV file for contacts can be mapped with fields in vCard with this tool to transfer Excel to vCard VCF file.

import excel file into vcard file

Export Empty Email Address

If the selected file has some columns without email addresses added for contacts, then also software exports available information from the file. For this "Allow empty email address to be imported" option has to be enabled.

easily convert contacts from xls file into vcard

Multiple vCard Version Support

This tool to export Excel to VCF supports all versions of vCard. You can create single VCF for every contact or save multiple contacts into single VCF file as per requirement. Software support to v3.0 gives vCard wider accessibility.

select saving location for converted vcf files

Default Destination Location

The tool to import contacts from Excel to vCard by default saves resultant VCF files on desktop. If this location has to be changed, it can be done by browsing for an alternate destination volume on system.

run this excel to vcf conversion tool on all windows

Works on all Windows Edition

To convert Excel contacts to vCard, the software has to be installed on any Windows OS platform. The tool can work on all versions of Windows to export address book information saved in Excel file to VCF.

Why Excel to vCard Conversion Software?

Founded by Internet Mail Consortium (IMC), vCard is now a standard for exchange of contacts information over internet. Supported by number of MUAs and Operating Systems, a vCard is a file that has '.vcf' suffix added to its name.

Benefits of vCard:

Having a tool to convert Excel to vCard can help to avail following benefits

  • vCard is helpful in sharing contact details over cross-platforms and variety of applications that support VCF format.
  • The size of vCard is so small that you can attach it to email. A VCF file attached to email can be easily added to contact list of MUA.
  • A vCard can be used in web forms by simply dragging and dropping them. Plus, there are number of companies that support vCard.

vCard is a contact-saving system that can be found in Smartphone running on BlackBerry, Android, Windows, iOS and is used for saving address book of various mail clients like MS Outlook, Lotus Notes etc. Our tool to import Excel to vCard is developed with aim to export multiple contacts from XLS, XLSX, and CSV file.

  • You can Convert CSV to vCard
  • You can Convert XLSX to vCard
  • You can Export XLS to VCF File

Having such a flexible conversion tool gives opportunity to access contacts into mobile devices and proves quite helpful if you are switching from one emailing platform to another by exporting unlimited contacts from MS Excel sheet into VCF format. Excel to VCF converter for Android and other OS give wider accessibility to contacts saved in XLS, XLSX, and CSV file. So, now the queries like how to export contacts from Excel sheet into vCard file will no more be a trouble.

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Limitations –

Trial version extracts all contact details from Excel file to vCard but phone no. & email address remain partially encrypted.


  • Disk Space : 20 MB hard disk space


Watch Software Screenshots

On the home page, click on "Browse" button to add source file (XLS, XLSX, or CSV) for conversion to VCF.

download setup

Navigate to the system volume where the source file has been saved. Select a file and click "Open" to add file to the software.

add file

The XLSX to VCF converter saves gives a preview of contact details saved in selected file in a tabular form. Click "Next" to continue.

preview of contact details

The software gives option for field mapping. You can map contact fields of source file with vCard attributes. After mapping a field, click on "Add" button. Click "Next".

Select Mapping Attributes

In the given drop down menu you will get plenty of mapping attributes that needed to be selected between Excel and vcard fields.

Mapping Options

On "Export" window, there are three options provided from software' end. Enable checkbox to active the facility.

  • Allow Empty Email Address to be Imported
  • Single vCard for all Contacts (By Default software created separate VCF for each contact)
  • vCard 2.1, 3.0 & 4.0 Version

Export Options

Click on "Change" button to define a location where output vCard has to be saved. By default, the software saves the resultant on desktop. Click "Convert" to proceed further.

destination folder

When the conversion procedure get started, users can see the no. of contacts converted in the status window.

export status

When conversion process is done, the XLS to vCard converter will inform about it through a message on screen. Then software will ask you whether you want to open the exported contacts, click on "Yes" to open folder if you want to view the files. Unless close the application.

Open Destination Folder

Watch Live Video of MS Excel to vCard Conversion

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This option has been aim fully added to the XLS to VCF converter so that if the "email address field" is blank in CSV, XLS, or XLSX file, then also it does not affect other fields migration to vCard.

Yes, Excel to vCard converter software works well on all versions of Windows Operating System including Win8.

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