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Lotus Notes vs Outlook – What makes IBM Notes Dissimilar From Outlook?

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: 2021-11-17T12:38:42+00:00| Tech | 5 Minutes Reading

Picking up the right one among Lotus Notes and Outlook is such a complex concern. Both individual and corporate users encounter this challenge. We are writing this article after a deep study over Lotus Notes and Outlook. Besides studying this write-up, users will no more confused about what to choose.
Both email clients have vital functioning in electronic communication region. These email clients tie corporate plus non-corporate world equally. This guide for Lotus Notes vs Outlook is going to help users who need to maintain their business communication simpler as well as smoother.

Overview: Lotus Notes and MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is widely used email client for receiving, sending and storing electronic messages. It is an application of MS Office Suite and users can purchase it individually as single software.
Lotus Notes is a computer program that is utilized as an email manager. This email client provides commercial collaboration functioning like emailing, calendars, tasks, address book, file sharing, instant messaging, user directories, micro-blogging etc.

Contrasting: Lotus Notes vs Outlook Comparison

Here we will discuss various parameters of email clients and difference between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook on behalf of features.

1. Information Storage Space
IBM Lotus Notes: Lotus Notes saves its entire emails, attachments, and all other essentials into NSF file format. There is no any exact storage space limitation in this email client; users can exceed the storage space as per their requirements.
Microsoft Outlook: MS Outlook stores its data in two file formats: OST and PST. PST file allows users to save data online, where OST let the option to work in offline mode. Storage space of Outlook PST is 50 GB.

2. Pricing Strategies
IBM Lotus Notes: In case if user prefers its licensed version then, it is a quite expensive service while comparing it with Outlook. The pricing charge depends upon the required storage space. For 5 business users, it charges $ 69/month.
Microsoft Outlook: Outlook is a part of MS Office suite, so there is no need to spend money separately to purchase Outlook application. Its regular pricing charges are $ 19.95 /year.

3. Accounts Synchronizing
IBM Lotus Notes: This software requires each email account login separately. Users can work with only one email account at a time in this mail service.
Microsoft Outlook: Users can Sign in with multiple accounts simultaneously in this application.

4.Maintenance Demands
IBM Lotus Notes: While highlighting Lotus Notes vs Outlook, the managing and maintenance pricing is somehow complex for this email client. It requires too much assets for its preservation.
Microsoft Outlook: Outlook is the mail client, whose maintenance pricing is not so annoying. Users do not face too many complexity in its maintenance.

5. Application Server
IBM Lotus Notes: Lotus Notes use IBM Domino as its emailing application server.
Microsoft Outlook: Outlook uses Microsoft Exchange Server as its email functioning server.

6. Graphical User Interface
IBM Lotus Notes: The Lotus Notes application’s user interface is somehow complicated and users must have technical knowledge to use this email client.
Microsoft Outlook: The GUI of Outlook is very simple and user-friendly. Every technical and novice user can operate it.

7. Multiple Functioning Service
IBM Lotus Notes: Because of high security, Lotus Notes does not provide multitasking facility to its users.
Microsoft Outlook: This application helps users via auto connecting with Exchange Server. Outlook connectivity is present on Twitter, Google, OneDrive, Skype, LinkedIn etc.

8 .Operating System Support
IBM Lotus Notes: It is worth operational with various Operating Systems, for example Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
Microsoft Outlook: Outlook is compatible with Windows OS. However, if users have Outlook for Mac then, users can operate it with Mac OS.

9. Market champion
IBM Lotus Notes: Corporate users who need to work with high-level security they prefer Lotus Notes application.
Microsoft Outlook: Outlook is user-friendly and easy to use. Therefore, users use this more application more in comparison of Lotus Notes. It covers 80% of the market in comparison of Lotus Notes.

If we focus on advantages of Lotus Notes over Outlook, it is inevitable that Lotus Notes has several features, but the fact is that users need particular training to work with it. There is no doubt that it is one of the best-trusted email clients. In addition, it provides various features such as document editing, spreadsheets, PPTs, HelpDesk, Sales, Blogs, and Forums.
Apart from this Outlook provide several features to its users and it is a well-established email client service. Users like Outlook to execute both commercial and personal tasks.

Who is the Winner?

After discussing Lotus Notes vs Outlook, users concepts are must be cleared about what is the best email client. Now, it is very clear that Outlook is the real champion as we discussed more advantages of Microsoft Outlook over lotus notes. Some advanced features of Outlook are following:

  • Smart Searching Feature
  • Add-ins and Plugins
  • Uncomplicated security
  • Easy mail organizing


After detailed discussion over Lotus Notes Vs Outlook, now users do not have more confusion that what is the right choice. They can prefer any email client as per their suitability and requirements. Lotus Notes is one of the most secure and flexible mail client, where Outlook attracts users via its easiness. Outlook provides so many features in fully organized manner that pull users towards it. For corporate security and safety, no application can be better than IBM Notes.