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How to Manage Lotus Notes Database Size Exceeds Quota Limit?

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Lotus Notes users often open email applications and find that the IBM Lotus Notes database exceeds quota limit. This is a frustrating time for users, as they will no longer be able to store more data in IBM Notes. At this point, the affected users started looking for a solution. Before solving this problem, users must first understand the cause.

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Reasons of Lotus Notes Database Size Exceeds Quota Limit

There are a number of reasons why users find the size of the database exceeds quota queries. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Duplicate Email Messages: Duplicate email messages in your IBM Notes account can take up a lot of space and may cause your IBM Notes database quota to be exceeded.
  2. Excess Graphic Elements: If you use a lot of graphical features in your Lotus Notes email, they can also take up a lot of database space.
  3. Soft Deleted Messages: Sometimes users delete messages thinking that they have freed up space in the database. Soft deleted emails are stored in the trash can, which is also part of the IBM Notes database. To clean the database itself, the emails must be permanently deleted, that is, permanently deleted.
  4. Unnecessary Saved Drafts: Multiple drafts that are never sent or used for future reference are the responsibility of the Notes database. They only help populate the IBM Notes database and do nothing else.

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Techniques to Manage Lotus Notes Database Size Limit

Now that you’ve seen some of the reasons why your Lotus Notes database size exceeds your quota limit, it’s easy to fix the problem. If you’re wondering how to reduce the size of your Lotus Notes mailbox, there are several options to choose from. Properly managing your Lotus Notes email accounts can help you overcome this “Lotus Notes Database Size Exceeds Quota Limit” error. We will discuss techniques to overcome this problem here.

Compact Lotus Notes Database

When we delete some large files and attachments from Lotus Notes, the database space becomes free. However, this free space remains unusable. This unusable free space, also known as white space, is often the main reason an IBM Notes database exceeds its size limit. To avoid this, we can compact the database, eventually removing all whitespace from the database. There are several ways to compress the database:

  1. Open the mailbox of Lotus Notes
  2. Click File and then, select Database
  3. Here, select Properties from the drop down menu
  4. Now, Database Properties dialog box will appear. Click on the second tab of that box
  5. Click % button. You can see the current compression ratio now
  6. Click Compact if the percentage ‘%’ is less than 90%. Now the database will get compact.

Remove Unnecessary Emails

Removing unnecessary email from your IBM Lotus Notes account is the best way to keep your database free. Users should start the practice of deleting emails from inboxes and sent items to free up the database.

Managing Email Attachments

Large email attachments can cause insufficient space in the IBM Notes database. Delete emails with attachments you don’t need. For important attachments, you can always download them to your system before deleting them. This will free up space in the database.

Archive Rarely Used Documents

Archiving is another option and will then benefit the user by saving database space. Emails that we don’t normally need but may be useful in the future can be archived instead of deleted. Lotus Notes releases the database and saves the file to the new storage location. This method also resolves the “Lotus Notes Database Size Exceeds Quota Limit” issue.

Disable Sent Items Auto-Save emails

Normally, every email we send is automatically stored in Sent Items. By disabling this auto-save option, we can avoid exceeding the database size and save only the required sent emails. To disable the option to automatically save sent messages, follow these steps:

  1. Start Lotus Notes. Click on File option to select Preferences
  2. Now, select User Preferences >> Click Mail
  3. Find out Save Mails that you send option in the Sending section. From the drop down menu, select Always Prompt.

Delete Lotus Notes Old Attributes

The Lotus Notes database stores other attributes such as calendar entries, to-do lists, contacts, and more. They also take up a lot of database size. All old Lotus Notes properties can be easily deleted to free up space in the database.

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The above methods can be used to prevent and resolve the issue of Lotus Notes database size exceeding quota limits. However, if these methods are not enough to solve the problem, or if the problem still appears, users can choose reliable and trustworthy tools to solve the problem.