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Best Office 365 Drive Shipping & Network Upload Alternative

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Since you need to import a PST file, Microsoft offers two different ways to migrate emails from Outlook to Office 365. They are Drive Shipping and Network Upload method. However, this task can be tricky if you don’t use the right method.

This article provides a general overview of the Office 365 Drive Shipping and Network Upload service limitations in addition to the disadvantages of this service. We will also guide users with an outstanding alternative solution.

What is Office 365 Network Upload Method?

To upload over the network you must have Azure storage. SAS URL is considered as network URL for Azure storage path in Microsoft Cloud and SAS is known as Shared Access Signature Key. This key grants all permissions. This is required to upload and copy the Outlook PST file to the Azure location.

What is Office 365 Drive Shipping Method?

For any organizations that are having trouble understanding network upload, Microsoft provides another method: Drive Shipping. With this method organizations/users have to take some steps to identify them. It creates a CSV file with the name of the PST file and saves it to your hard drive along with the PST file and then sends the drive to a nearby Microsoft data center.

How to Move Archived Emails from PST File to Office 365?

Office 365 Drive Shipping & Network Upload: Limitations

Because Office 365 is a user’s most common dependency for sending emails. But there are also many shortcomings. Now we will uncover a major limitations with Office 365 Drive Shipping and Network Upload service.

Identify PST File’s Location: The first problem that users face with this service is knowing the location of PST files. Most of the users have no reasonable idea where to find PST data files. These files are often found on end-user devices and in drives. Drive Shipping does not assist users in searching.

Data File Centralization: The next limitation of this service is that all PST files need to be collected in one central place before uploading or sending to Office 365. Each PST file contains a large amount of data and the user must minimize the impact of moving such numbers.

PST File Deletion: After importing the file, the user needs to delete it from its original location. That’s because it frees up storage space on the device and prevents users from confusing redundancies. Some PST files need to be disconnected from MS Outlook before deleting. This is a time-consuming manual process. This is not covered by these services.

Internet Bandwidth Issue: These services consume a lot of internet bandwidth. And it all depends on the type of technology the user uses. This service is limited by the amount of data used by all users per day. Migration may take a long time and relies heavily on XML and has become a bandwidth-intensive activity.

Best Alternative of Default Office 365 Solution

If you are facing the above challenges users can opt alternative solution by RecoveryTools which is designed to upload multiple PST files to Office 365 accounts, even Drive Shipping and Network Upload service to upload PST files does not work in this way. It is capable of importing in just a few clicks. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that even novice users can use without any additional knowledge.

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Moreover, this automated tool has an additional option to transfer only new or updated data from the same PST file. There are no limitations on the size of the PST files that can be migrated this way.

Concluding Lines

Office 365 services contain a number of issues that can lead to serious data loss. Therefore, we recommend users with an alternative application overcome the limitations of the Office 365 Drive Shipping and Network Upload service after using this tool. Users will surely know that this is the fastest way to do migration tasks.