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Upload Outlook PST To Office 365 Mailbox Easily

  • Upload PST file: Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks to Office 365
  • Date Filter to upload archive PST to Office 365 of certain date range
  • Contents uploaded remains intact with attachments & metadata
  • Upload PST to Office 365 using Admin / User account
  • Move unlimited PST files of any given size to Office 365 account
  • Include folder option to upload PST file(s) to Office 365 mailbox
  • Upload PST to Office 365 shared mailbox using Admin account
  • Incremental Import option to upload only new data from PST file
  • Creates an Export Report after the uploading is finished.
  • Software is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook and Windows

Detailed Features of Software to Upload Outlook PST to Office 365

upload to o365

Upload PST To Office 365

This Sofware upload emails, calendar, contacts, tasks from a PST file into Office 365 account. It enables uploading of Outlook PST file into Office 365 mailboxes. It can upload emails with attachments & the attachments associated with the mails will remain intact after the uploading is finished.

perform conversion without data loss

Date Filter Option

The tool to upload PST to Office 365 provides a user the functionality to upload the Outlook data items like mail, calendar, task of a certain date range. Users can set separate filters for each data type separately to upload only desired data.

convert batch pst

Intact Transfer of PST

Security of transferred data is ensured by the tool while uploading mailbox to Office 365 from a PST file. When the data is uploaded from a PST file to Office 365, account the information remains intact and complete throughout the Office 365 import PST files process.

complete data upload

Upload PST to Office 365 using Admin / User Account

The best feature of this software is that one can upload PST files to Office 365 account with or without admin credentials. Users can login to the tool using Admin or User credentials. Using Admin login, user can import PST files to multiple Office 365 user accounts and also upload PST to Office 365 shared mailbox. Whereas using User account login, one can import multiple PST files into its own Office 365 account.

no size limitation

Batch PST File Import

This tool is designed in such a way that it allows you to upload multiple PST files to Office 365 mailboxes. Using this application user can upload Outlook emails to Office 365 from multiple PSTs files simultaneously. The software provides multiple options like Add file, Add folder, Add CSV.

status report

No PST Size Limitation

The support provided to ANSI & Unicode type PST files simultaneously ensures support for all file sizes. A Unicode type PST file can range from 20 GB to 50 GB and more and the tool to restore Office 365 mailbox is programmed to support all.

import pst to office 365

Upload PST to Office 365 Shared Mailbox

The prominent feature of this software is that its allows uploading PST file to Office 365 shared mailbox. User needs to login via the Admin account to enable this feature of the tool. Otherwise, the user will not be able to import any data from the PST file into the O365 shared mailbox.

import pst to office 365

Creates Export Report

The procedure of transferring data from PST file to Office 365 mailboxes is monitored by the software. After the uploading of PST file is finished, the software provides the option to Save Report of the migration process. The report contains details like file path, mail, calendars, tasks, contacts count & status of upload.

Purpose of Using Outlook PST Upload Office 365 Tool

Upload Office 365 application extends support towards the migration of Outlook PST files on a cloud based platform that enables business continuity from both ends. Therefore, the upload Outlook PST to Office 365 platform also promotes the benefits of local backup in the name of cloud backup. The tool to migrate PST to Office 365 ensures that local storage of an Outlook account is transferred on to cloud based Microsoft account, i.e. Office 365.

Scenario Leading To The Transfer

Office 365 is commonly used in corporates for availing services of communication and personal data maintenance on cloud. It is software as a service as Office 365 is a bunch of Microsoft applications provided on a hosted environment with respective changes in features done accordingly.

Outlook is provided locally as well as on cloud as one of the services in Office 365 suite. Therefore, the connectivity between the two platforms is common leading to the requirement of combining the data. Apart from online backup, the need could also be of moving Outlook PST file to Office 365 for switching the communication platform from on premise to hosted one. The technical complexities encountered in knowing how to import Outlook PST file to Office 365 without the help of a commercial tool ends up making users ultimately approach third party tool to move mailbox to Office 365. The two major benefits that make users approach upload Office 365 tool:

  • Complete data from uploaded Outlook PST file is automatically mapped with the respective folder on Office 365 profile.
  • The data remains safe and intact throughout the transfer procedure from local to cloud storage of mailbox contents including attachments & Meta data.

Successful transfer of data from local to cloud storage without requiring much input from the user's end is the greatest benefit of all. Therefore, making use of a tool in a condition like this is best suited than going for a manual data upload.

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Limitations –

Demo version of upload office 365 Tool import first 25 items per folder.


  • Disk Space : 50 MB hard disk space


Screenshots – Upload PST File(s) to Office 365

Step 1:

import pst to office 365

Step 2:

upload office365

Step 3:

Step 4:

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can very much upload as many PST files to Office 365 as you wish to. The software doesn't impose a limitation on the number of PST files.

The application doesn't impose any limitation on the size of PST file(s) being imported. You can transfer as many items as you desire, from a PST file of any given size without surfacing any limitations.

Assurance of data security is guaranteed while using the software. You can migrate the PST file and cross-check the result in the live status report shown by the Office 365 upload tool on its panel.

No, you cannot upload Outlook PST to Office 365 mailbox account if the data file is in an inconsistent or corrupt state. The file needs to be recovered first and then be uploaded.

Yes, you can upload Outlook calendar to Office 365 and transfer Outlook contacts to Office 365 too. The software supports a complete migrate PST to Office 365 archive procedure, which includes calendar, contacts, and other personal items along with, emails.

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