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How to Fix Microsoft Exchange jet_errreadverifyfailure 1018 Error?

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In this article, we have discussed Exchange Jet_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 Error. Here, first, we have discussed what causes this error and what solutions you can opt to debug it. Along with the manual methods, we have shared expert-recommended Exchange Mailbox Recovery Software to help you out.

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As we know, Microsoft has given an amazing server namely Exchange Server, which helps many organizations irrespective of their sizes. By using the exchange mail server a company can achieve better performance as it only runs on Windows Server Operating systems.

Exchange mail server provides reliability to the company for sending emails, calendars, sending schedules, and for other useful tasks. It also helps to send customized collaborations to the clients. But, being such an impressive server, sometimes it shows errors.

If you have also faced errors in the Exchange Server and want a quick solution then don’t worry, we have got you covered. However, finding a quick solution is not a huge task but finding a reliable one is quite challenging. This article is all about the most reliable solutions to fix this error and to make you stress-free. So, let’s begin.

But, before discussing the resolutions of this error, let us know about what causes this bug.

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Reasons of Jet_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 Error

There can be numerous reasons that cause the Exchange Server to an unstable situation. A few of the reasons are:-

  • Improper Shutdown:- The error occurs when you shut down the system improperly and when this happened, the Exchange Server could not recognize the files.
  • Virus Attacks:- Exchange mail server shows this error when the server is attacked by viruses.
  • Improper Handling:- When the exchange admin ignores the Exchange Server’s minor errors and takes them for granted.
  • NTFS File Error:- The reason for this bug can be the error of the NTFS file system.
  • Database Corruption:- When the data of the database gets corrupted or damaged by any reason, it causes this error.
  • Wrong Location of Hard Disk:- Sometimes, when you write the data on the wrong location of the hard disk, it becomes responsible for the exchange bug.
  • Error in Value of Checksum:- This error occurs in the Exchange Server when the value of checksum in the database header is not matched with the value of the database in the disk.

All these corruptions in the database sometimes corrupt the main components of the Exchange Server database, like Page Header, Database Catalogs, Indexes, Leaf Pages and, etc.

What is Exchange Jet_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 Error?

Out of all the errors which cause the corruption of the exchange database, one such error is Exchange error 1018. Generally, it arises when the database is corrupted on the page level.

However, MS Exchange Server has an in-built facility that makes you determine and fix any damage that takes place in the Exchange database at the level of file-system.

In case, if an Exchange data file is corrupted at page level then, it is usually hit by Exchange Jet Error JET_errReadVerifyFailure 1018. It occurs when you create an online backup of the data file.

For instance, many times index is disordered or the Exchange data file is corrupted. Physical corruption is the reason for the database corruption of the Exchange Server.

Fix Exchange Jet_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 Error

Just like any other error, you can fix this issue as well. However, you should first find out the root causes behind the error before rectifying it. There are top two methods that you can use to debug the error. These are:-

  1. Exchange On Premise Method
  2. Automated Professional Method

Exchange On Premise Way to Fix Exchange 1018 Error

If you have encountered Exchange Jet_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 Error and to determine and fix it manually. Then you can try any of the given manual methods:-

Restore Exchange Backup in Live Server Platform

As it is always recommended to take a backup of the data. By doing so, you can restore the database and log files from a backup. For this, you can use Windows Server Backup to take Exchange database backup.

If you have synced the Exchange before for the backup and now you have a healthy backup then you can easily restore the data from the backup file.

But remember, you will only be able to restore data up to the date you took the last backup of the file. The new data will be lost automatically.

Repair Exchange Database with Eseutil Utility

To fix the Jet_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 Error or to repair the damaged and corrupted database, you can take the help of the Eseutil Utility provided by Microsoft for Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, and other earlier versions. Before starting the repair process don’t forget to take a backup of your Exchange database to avoid any kind of data loss.

Use the command to discard the damaged pages from the database. Execute this command as follows:-

/p command:– If there is a checksum error then you can apply the /p command to repair the corrupt database. Once you run this command, it will eliminate the Exchange Database files corruptions. However, it is not possible to mount the Exchange Server to the database until you do not defragment it properly.

/d command:– Once damaged pages are eliminated, the repair process shows the space, that is left behind. To remove this white space, you should defragment the database properly.

Although, you can repair the only minor Exchange database corruption through Eseutil Utility. If you are facing any major database corruption then you should adopt the Automated Method.

Automated Method to Fix Exchange Database File Error

Once you try both the manual methods and still the issue has not been resolved then you should opt this automated method.

There is an alternative way using which you can certainly fix the JET_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 error in Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, and earlier versions of it. The name of the software is RecoveryTools Exchange Database Recovery Tool. This is the most reliable method to completely remove this error and also, this tool ensures you that your Exchange data remains in its original form.

It comes up with various features that help you to recover Exchange Database files in a fast manner. Moreover, it is supported by every version of the Windows Operating System.

Here, you will get two scan options to remove the corruption from Microsoft Exchange database file. Quick scan is to recover the minimal corrupted file and if your mailbox file got highly corrupted then use the Advance Scan option to debug the error. It will also recover hard deleted Exchange mailboxes items from loaded files.

Key Features of the Professional Utility

  • It maintains the folder hierarchy as it were before the repairing process.
  • By using this utility, you will be able to restore the Exchange mailbox along with attachments.
  • This application provides the Date and Name filter to recover the selected data.
  • You will be able to preview the recovered MS Exchange item before conversion the Exchange mailbox.
  • There is an option through which you can extract mailboxes from offline / dismounted file.

Step by Step Guide to Fix Exchange Data File Error

4 step process to complete the recovery task:

1. Firstly, click on Add file from the menu bar to recover the Exchange mailbox


2. Secondly, Scan and Repair the corrupted file

Scan Jet_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 Error

3. Then, Preview the Exchange mailbox items after the recovery process


4. Lastly, hit the Export button and save the recovered file in any format.

Export: Jet_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 Error


Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the major platforms which is used by many organizations to maintain day-to-day tasks. However, you may come across some errors while performing business tasks. Exchange error JET_errReadVerifyFailure 1018 is one such error that usually you face.

When you confront this error, you want to find the solution asap, but finding a reliable method is not an easy task. Considering this, in this write-up, we have discussed the manual and an automated that you can use to fix Exchange EDB mailbox error. Where manual method might result in you in data loss. Hence, you should use the RecoveryTools Solution to debug this error without losing a bit of your crucial data.