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BKF File Recovery Tool- Repair & Extract Data from Corrupt Windows Backup (.bkf/zip)

  • Repair corrupt BKF created with Windows NTBackup
  • Recover data from Backup file created with Symantec Veritas Backup Exec
  • Provide three options to scan BKF data: Quick, Advanced & Range Based
  • Perform complete BKF File Recovery with no size limitation (Tested upto 30 TB)
  • Support Zip File recovery; extract images, documents etc from Zip File
  • Quick Search feature to locate a file within recovered items
  • Support all versions of Windows includes Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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Demo version of BKF File Recovery tool generates preview of recovered BKF but it cannot extract them.

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Insight into BKF File Recovery Tool

corrupt backup file recovery

Repair & Extract Corrupt Backup File

The tool has an ability to recover highly & severe damaged BKF file in no time at all. Subsequently, it extract BKF data including images, documents, audio, video etc. and save them to the system.

symantec backup recovery

Support NTBackup & Backup Exec

It is compatible with BKF File created with different utilities such as Windows NTBackup, Symantec Veritas Backup Exec. The tool quickly load, scan and extract data from healthy as well as unhealthy file.

quick & advanced scan

Quick & Advanced Scan Mode

The tool offers multiple scanning modes to scan the BKF file as per the level of corruption. In order to repair corrupt BKF use Quick scan to fix minor to moderate corruption issues and Advanced scan to fix high corruption issues.

range based scanning mode

Range-Based Scan Mode

One of the notable feature of the wizard is Range Based scan option which is the third type of scanning mode. It enables user to scan and fix certain portion of the file. To deploy this function, users are required to specify the range for BKF repair in % ratio.

preview data

Generate Preview of Windows BKF Data

Once scanning process is complete, BKF File Recovery Tool quickly generates preview of Windows backup data. Users can view recovered items along with the attributes such as file name, size, modified date, selected path etc.

search recovered items

Quick Search to locate specific file

When the software completes BKF file recovery, it enables user to search a particular file from recovered items using the search option. The file can easily be located with file name or file extension.

recover selective items

Extract Selective Files/Folders

The software allows you to extract selective items instead of extracting entire large BKF file. Once BKF Repair process is completed, users can select files & folders from recovered Backup data and save them in the selected location.

save data in user defined location

Save Data at Desired Location

BKF Repair provides two options to extract recovered items: one is original location and second one is user-defined location. You can choose any of the two choice to save the recovered BKF File.

simple gui

User Friendly Graphical Interface

The application provides the easiest interface which includes self-descriptive steps to repair corrupt BKF. It is designed in such a way that even non-technical person can perform recovery without any assistance.

save time

Time-saver: No need to re-scan a large BKF

When the corrupt BKF file gets scanned, BKF File Recovery Tool automatically save the scanned file. In case you need to process the same file next time, you can simply load it without having to worry about rescanning the large file again. BKF Repair turned out to be a powerful time-saver utility.

When to use BKF File Recovery Tool?

First and foremost, Windows BKF Repair Tool is designed to repair high level of corruption that BKF file goes through. The application successfully troubleshoot the Backup file issues via various scanning modes and extract the recovered data from it without any data loss.

Issues related to BKF File

Having a backup file can save you from a huge data loss but what if the BKF file itself becomes inaccessible. If we take NTBackup utility into account, the problem arises when the backup size abruptly increases since it was not designed for the large BKF. There are various issues related to the backup file, some of the main problems that require users to repair corrupt BKF are listed below:

  • The larger the BKF size becomes, the more chances of corruption occurs.
  • Many a time, an error encounters during restoration of backup data
  • Virus can damage the file to that extend which is beyond repair
  • Improper shutdown, Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors, & damaged sectors of hard disk are the main issues that causes BKF file corruption.

BKF File Recovery Tool is the best suited application in such situation as it easily repair BKF file regardless of the level of corruption. Thereafter, this standalone utility extract/save backup items in user-defined location with the persistence of the original data.

BKF file recovery


The tool has quiet commodious interface. Besides, it repair corrupt BKF in a snap. Really happy with the response of their customer service. It's worth a try! Excellent tool.

- Charlie Roof, Canada

Screenshots of Windows BKF Repair Tool

launch RecoveryTools Windows BKF
repair corrupt bkf
extract recovered items
bkf file recovery

Watch Live Video of BKF File Recovery Tool

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Read & Resolve Most Common Questions!

Is there any limitations with trial version of the tool?
Yes, to assist end users in implementing the software's functionality, demo version is being provided. However, it only repair corrupt BKF and when it comes to extract/save the recovered data you need to buy the license.
Can the software works with the backup of Veritas Backup Exec?
Yes, BKF repair of Symantec Veritas Backup Exec can easily be carried out using the tool.
I have more than one Windows BKF Files. Can the tool repair all of them at the same time?
No, BKF File Recovery Tool cannot repair multiple files simultaneously. It recover one backup file at a time.
Does the tool perform BKF File Recovey on a computer running Windows 8.1?
Yes, it is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and below versions.