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Backup Office 365 Mailbox to Outlook PST

  • Backup Office 365 Email, Contacts, & Calendars from Office 365 Mailbox
  • Provides Backup for both single & multiple users of office 365 account.
  • Tool can export Office 365 mailbox to PST and EML file formats.
  • Advance Filter options available for selective Office 365 mailbox backup.
  • It lets user of Office 365 save emails to desktop on the local system.
  • Naming Convention Option is available for saving in EML file format.
  • Admin account facility to save multiple Office 365 user mailboxes at once

Detailed Features of Office 365 Backup Software

complete backup of office 365 account

Complete Items Of Office 365 account Backup

The tool provides complete backup of all the items from the selected Office 365 account including the emails, contacts, and calendars & save Office 365 Emails to PST file format in local machine.

office 365 mails tp pst conversion

Office 365 Export mailbox to PST/EML file formats

It provides backup of items from the Office 365 user accounts and archive office 365 mailbox in two different featured outputs PST and EML to protect from disaster recovery and other mishaps.

create backup of single Office365 account

Export Office 365 users account for single profile

The tool provides option for single Office 365 account where user needs to provide account credentials of the individual account and export Office 365 Mailbox containing all items in the account.

multiple user office365 profile backup

Backup Office 365 multiple user accounts in bulk

It also provides option to backup data from multiple Office 365 accounts where the CSV file will be selected containing usernames and passwords of all accounts and individual backup file will be generated for each account.

download office 365 data in local system

Office 365 offline backup created on local machine

The tool provides way to export PST from office 365 online Emails, Calendars, and Contacts, where users will get offline access of all data items in form of PST/EML file types.

perform selective data migration

Selective Data backup Office 365 Email to PST

The software provides option for selective export Office 365 Email to PST from Office 365 account with the help of Date Filter. This filter is used to create backup of only the items residing on and between the specified date ranges.

download o365 calendar & contacts

Backup Office 365 Calendar entries and contacts

The Office 365 Backup PST Tool has options to export Calendar and Contacts along with Emails from the Office 365 account by selecting check boxes before starting the backup process.

save emails using naming convention feature

Naming Convention for saving EML file format

It offers multiple naming conventions for sorting desired EML mails among the list of saved EML files. Users get options to manage the emails by attributes like from, subject, or date.

When to backup Office 365 Mailbox to PST?

Office 365 Backup Tool is a reliable solution that has the ability to archive Office 365 mailbox to PST file format supported by Outlook. The Office 365 Exchange backup tool provides complete items backup office 365 to on premise in the form of PST from hosted Exchange. The easy to use interface provided by Office 365 Backup solution explains how to export Office 365 Mailbox to .pst as an admin by using CSV file containing multiple account credentials.

Need for Office 365 Emails Backup

We need to make sure that we protect our data from any disaster or mishaps since data plays a very important role in our life. Employees of organizations stores their corporate information generated everyday on their Office 365 mailboxes. Losing their data may need the employees to start the work from scratch, leading to loss of time and effort. Creating Office 365 Backup Mailbox to PST or EML file formats on a local system is the best way to protect our data from loss. Scenarios where creating backup helps:

  • Mail deleted accidentally
  • Server broke down
  • Offline Access of data
  • Failure of IT infrastructure

What makes Office 365 Outlook Backup Tool Unique?

The most reliable way to create a backup of data items like emails, contacts, and calendars from Office 365 account is to use Office 365 Backup Outlook tool. Some features that make the Office 365 Outlook Backup Tool unique are follows:

  • Backup of complete data keeping the original formatting intact
  • Supports single as well as multiple Office 365 user account
  • Provides selective item backup using filters
  • Creates backup to protect data from any disaster

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Limitations –

Demo version of Office 365 Backup Tool save first 25 items for Documents, Contacts for VCard & Calendars for ICS format and backup first 100 office 365 emails into PST format.


  • Disk Space : 50 MB hard disk space


Screenshots of Backup Office 365 Software

enter office 365 account credentials
apply naming convention, date filter
perform selective & bactch conversion
export office365 data to pst

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Frequently Asked Question

Date Filter option helps users extract Email from Office 365 account in a selective way by providing date range that export emails residing on and between the specified date. It provides complete Office Exchange Mailbox backup to featured output formats.

The Office 365 Exchange Online Backup tool allows users to create all the items of Office 365 backup on premise from hosted exchange in the form of PST file stored in local system to give offline access.

The Office 365 Exchange backup tool provides impersonation facility that lets admin account save multiple user mailboxes at a time and creates backup file of each account individually.

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