Exchange Server Error Code 528 - Causes & Solutions

In an Exchange Server, there occur different errors with its specific code like Error Code 528, Error Code 550, Error Code 614, Error Code 614, etc. There are different reasons associated with each error code and hence, an alternative solution to deal with one such error code is discussed below. In this blog, we are going to learn about Error Code 528 of Exchange, its causes and some solution for fixing this error.

In the upcoming sections, we will discuss the given below topics in detail:

Exchange Server Error Code 528- Overview

This issue interrupts the functioning of Exchange Server when the user tries to open a service on Microsoft Exchange Information Store. The error is similar to JET_ErrMissingLogFile.

Cause for Error Code 528

Exchange error code 528 is related to edb.chk & edb.log files. Edb.log: The directory of Exchange server keeps the replica of changes performed upon a database into log files. Ntds.dit database holds the transaction log files ensuring its user that they can acquire their data if something goes wrong. However, the edb.chk file of Exchange server follows a mechanism in which all the history logs are deleted from the machine and then archived permanently into a disk. Such mechanism is termed as a Checkpoint.

The error is encountered when the edb.chk & edb.log files are corrupted or lost from the directory of Exchange Server.

Measures to Deal with Exchange server error code 528

There exist two measures for fixing the issue and they are explained below in detail:

Manual Procedure

The manual measure involves the usage of checkpoints or Application log files that are being generated in Exchange server directory. To resolve the Exchange server error code 528, go through the following steps:

  • Firstly, examine the Application log (file where events are reported) because this will provide you with a brief knowledge about the root cause of error.
  • Now restore the backup for preventing Exchange server from occurrence of any error message in future.
  • At the end, analyze the configuration of server and then restart your machine.

Limitations of Manual Procedure

  • The approach is strictly reliable for users who have brief knowledge about Exchange Server.
  • Activities like analyzing log files, configuring a server, etc., could turn out to be time consuming procedures for admins.

Alternative Procedure

To overcome limitations of manual procedure, the best approach is to go for an alternative solution. This strategy involves the usage of third party software, which is developed to recover the corrupted transaction log files and restore data from them. One such software is Exchange Recovery Software, which is being used to extract EDB file data post its recovery, if required. The tool without any external help performs its functioning and as a result provides data files in healthy state.


After going through the above information, one can conclude with the fact that to get rid of Exchange server error code 528, the best approach is to use an alternative solution because this strategy resolves the error without any complications. Moreover, third party solutions are best known to render output without any limitations and offer users to test the procedure beforehand, just to make sure of its reliability. One such type of tool is Exchange Recovery Software which reasily recover highly corrupted Exchange database and restore permanent deleted data.