Exchange EDB Viewer

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Exchange EDB Reader

Free Tool to Open, View, Read & Analyze EDB File

  • Load, Scan & Open Exchange EDB mailboxes
  • View Priv1.edb, Pub1.edb & Mailbox database.edb
  • Generate preview of conatcts, calendars, mails, tasks
  • Multiple views such as Hex, MIME, RTF view
  • Quick & Advanced Scanning to Repair Corrupt data
  • Provide Export option to Save EDB as PDF format
  • Support all size of EDB files; Tested upto 1.8TB
  • Read EDB files without Exchange Server environment

Key Features of Exchange EDB Viewer

Open & View Corrupt/Deleted Items

Free EDB Reader scans entire EDB file with its Quick & Advanced scanning modes. It recover major & minor corruption, permanent deleted items without losing a bit of information.

Generate Complete Preview of EDB

Once the software completes scanning process, it quickly provides preview of emails with attributes such as Subject, To, From, Sent & Received Time, and Size. Besides, users can view contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, journal.

Different views to Read EDB file

Microsoft Exchange EDB Viewer offers multiple views mode which includes Normal Mail View, Hex View, Properties View, Message Header View, MIME View, HTML View, RTF View, and Attachments.

Apply Mail Filter to Save Mails by Date

The application allows user to save emails of a particular time period by using Mail Filter option. Users can enter time in From Date and To Date tabs during conversion process.

Multiple Naming Convention

Using this feature of Free EDB Reader, users can save emails with different naming patterns. EDB File Viewer provides various naming conventions such as Subject+Date and From+Subject+Date etc.

Open EDB files outside Exchange

One of the powerful feature of the tool is that it allows user to read & Aanalyze EDB file in absence of Exchange Server environment i.e. it can open & read offline & dismounted EDB.

Export EDB As PDF Format

The tool not only read Exchange EDB file but also perform conversion process. Users can export selective items as well as batch items of EDB file to Portable Document Format (PDF) while maintaining original format intact.

Save Data in User-defined location

After viewing and analyzing EDB file, Exchange EDB Reader allows a user to browse location in which analyzed & converted data would be saved as PDF format.

When to use EDB Reader?

Among other Exchange Server Tools, Exchange EDB Viewer turned out to be front and center in opening, viewing, and reading all sizes of EDB file. The availability of multiple views including Hex View, MIME View, Message Header View etc helps in thoroughgoing analysis.

Overview on Exchange EDB

A file having .edb extension, is associated with Microsoft Exchange Server. It stores entire Exchange database including users' mailbox data such as emails, contacts, calendar, journal, notes etc.

Need of Viewing EDB

  • EDB data becomes inaccessible due to corrupt file
  • EDB file could not be mounted to Exchange Server
  • Deeply examine the EDB file's information

Open & View Exchange 2003/2000 - priv1.edb, pub1.edb, Exchange 2010/2007 - mailbox database.edb, public folder database.edb, and Exchange 2013 mailbox database name EDB files with this Standalone application.

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Limitations –

Free EDB Reader generates preview of EDB.



Screenshots of EDB Viewer

Launch the software. Click on Add file which is on the top left corner.

download setup

Browse EDB file and and select scanning option ie. Quick (for minor corruption) & Advanced (for high corruption). Now Click on Add File.

add file

A message will appear which asks if users want to search the items found in scan process. Click on Yes to proceed further.

This screen will display the percentange completed of scanning process.

A new screen will be displayed with a message Indexing of the selected file completed successfully.

Preview EDB with vaious views such as Normal mail, hex, properties, attachment, message header, mime, html, rtf.

Users can view all the properties of a mail using this view.

Users can view attachments such as images, doc files using Attachment view.

Select required files and click on the Export option which is on the top left corner.

EDB can be converted to PDF. Users can apply date filter and naming patterns.

Export Report shows selected mailbox and path of the converted PDF files.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the application enables you to open and read EDB data in all versions of Windows which includes Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & earlier versions.

Free Trial edition of the EDB Reader only preview entire data of EDB file.

Yes, the tool support all Exchange Server EDB files includes priv1.edb, pub1.edb, mailbox database.edb, public folder databas.edb.

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