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Convert AOL PFC to Outlook PST File

  • Convert PFC file to variant file formats like PST, PDF
  • Export AOL mail folders with embedded attachments.
  • Convert AOL PFC to PDF with advance PDF settings.
  • Convert PFC file items selectively with date filters.
  • Enables to preview emails while AOL PFC conversion
  • MS Outlook installation mandatory to convert PFC to PST.

Detailed Features of AOL PFC Convereter Software

convert aol pfc data

Convert AOL PFC Data

The software facilitates conversion of all the emails along with the embedded attachments to variant file formats. It maintains the original formatting of PFC file after the conversion.

export aol pfc to outlook pst

Convert AOL PFC to Outlook PST

With the help of the software, users can convert AOL PFC to PST format easily. All the mails of the PFC file will be saved in the PST file and can be easily accessed in Outlook later on.

move pfc to eml, msg

Export AOL Data to EML & MSG

In addition to PST format, the users can create AOL desktop backup by converting the PFC file to EML and MSG formats. For every individual PFC mail, a separate EML and MSG file is created.

save aol pfc as pdf

Export AOL Email to PDF File

The software enables the users to convert AOL mails to PDF format. It will create individual PDF file for every PFC file mail. The users can also apply advanced options while converting to PDF file.

perform selective coversion

Transfer AOL PFC to Outlook Selectively

The software allows the users to convert selective emails of AOL PFC file to Outlook PST file. This can be done by selecting the required folders and then converting them to PST format.

apply date filter option

Filter & Convert Personal Filing Cabinet Data

The users can also apply date filters to convert selective data of AOL PFC file. The users need to select a particular date range and the software will convert all the emails lying within the date range.

naming convention option

Naming Conventions For Naming Files

The software offers the feature of naming conventions for naming the output EML, PDF, and MSG files. The user can select amongst various options and the user will name the resultant files accordingly.

outlook installation

MS Outlook Installation Necessary

The software facilitates to convert AOL PFC to Outlook PST only when MS Outlook is installed in the user machine. It supports Outlook 2013 and all the below versions.

How to Export AOL PFC Emails?

AOL PFC converter is an effectual software that enables the users to export AOL Personal Filing Cabinet to Outlook PST as well as other formats like EML, MSG, and PDF. The software facilitates conversion of entire PFC file emails as well as the embedded attachments within the emails.

Introduction to AOL Desktop Email Client

AOL or America Online Desktop is an internet suite developed by AOL, which integrates a web browser and email client. the entire emails are stored in PFC (Personal File Cabinet) format.

Need to Export AOL Email to Hard Drive

There are various scenarios, wherein a user might opt to save and transfer AOL PFC to Outlook. Some of the scenarios are:

  • In order to save the AOL data from being compromised due to illegal activities persistent in today's technological era, users prefer saving a local copy of their data.
  • Since Outlook is the most common email client that the users prefer both for personal and corporate needs, it is quite a flexible option to export AOL emails to Outlook
  • The process to export AOL mail folders to Outlook enables the users to create a local backup copy of AOL data, which can be easily accessed whenever required

AOL PFC Converter is the best tool to fulfill all the above needs of AOL users. The software takes complete backup of AOL data and transfer AOL email to Outlook PST file and other file formats. This is done without doing any compromise with the emails.

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Limitations –

Demo version of AOL PFC Converter Tool Export first 25 items per folder of PFC file to PST/EML/MSG/MBOX/PDF format.


  • Disk Space : 80 MB hard disk space


Screenshots of AOL PFC Converter Software

initial screen of aol pfc converter
browse pfc file
convert aol pfc to pst
browse destination path

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, MS Outlook installation is necessary to convert AOL PFC file to Outlook

With the help of date filters, the users can convert selective emails lying within a particular date range to PST format.

The naming conventions option enables the users to name the output EML, MSG and PDF files as per the user's requirement.

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